Anthony A. Arzili Recent Case Results…

Attempted Murder of of Police officer dismissed at Trial.

Client was charged with the Attempted Murder of an Off-Duty Police officer in Los Angeles. He was facing a life prison. The case was made more difficult because our client gave a full statement to the detectives on the case, essentially placing himself at the scene of the crime. An independent eye witness also placed my client at the scene. We went to work, first delving into the police officer’s version of what took place. The deeper we went, the more we realized that the officer’s recollection was not reliable. The prosecution did not bend and the case went to a Jury Trial. During the Jury trial, the prosecutions case began to unravel. My crossexamination of the star witness (the off duty police officer) broke the case wide open. The prosecutor asked to meet and returned with an offer where my client would do 2 years and be released. Faced with a possible life sentence if the jury convicted him, my client took the 2 year offer and the attempted murder was dismissed and he pled to an assault charge. (State v. SM) 2014 Norwalk.

Client under investigation for DUI and Hit and Run. No Charges filed.

Client was involved in an accident and had fled the scene. Police had gathered information that led back to client’s car and house. Before agreeing to speak to police, Client retained my services. I knew that the police questioning of my client would easily gather enough information to pursue criminal charges carrying a year in jail. I personally went down to the CHP office and made sure that my client was not arrested or charged. The case was never submitted to the DA’s office for lack of evidence. (State v. MB) 2014 Whittier.

Domestic Violence charges rejected after early intervention.

Client was arrested for domestic violence with injury. The police, as usual, only took down half the story. My client was facing jail time and loss of custody of her kids. I stepped in early and was able to prevent further damage from taking place. We were able to uncover and share some key information regarding the “alleged victim” to the DA. The information was enough for the case to be rejected. (State v. JP) Whittier 2014

Rape Charges dismissed.

Client was arrested for rape and assault on his ex girlfriend. From the outset, there was
something no right about the facts. The further i worked in to the case, the more i realized that there was a hidden motive behind the allegations. Once we were able to work up the case, the DA agreed with us and dismissed the rape charges. Client pled to a battery charges and was given probation and time served. If he was convicted of the rape charge, he would have to register for life under PC 290 and go to prison for a number of years. (State v. VA) 2014 Compton

6 Counts of felony Insurance fraud gets a Misdemeanor and released from jail.

Client arrested for 6 Counts of felony insurance fraud and felony assault with a deadly weapon. Client was alleged to be part of a car insurance accident ring that staged accidents. Client was facing over a decade in jail. During my workup of this case, I was able to find some problems with the prosecution’s case. The District Attorney saw the weaknesses and was willing to agree to a release of my client from jail and have all charges dismissed. My client pled to a misdemeanor simple battery for time served. (State v. MM) 2014 Los Angeles.

DUI client arrested at sobriety checkpoint spared license suspension

Client drove into a checkpoint and failed the field sobriety tests. He was transported to
a hospital for a blood test that showed that he was 1.5 times over the legal limit. At the DMV
hearing, I was able to show that the testing was not done properly by the police officers and that it was not reliable. The DMV agreed and did not suspend his license. (State v. JA) 2015 Downey.

Client arrested for 29 felony counts of fraud and grand theft. Facing 33 years in prison.

Client was arrested by a huge multi-agency fraud investigation involving 2 states and many
counties. The DA filed 29 felony counts of fraud that carried a 33 year prison sentence. The
case was extremely complicated. After a year of litigation, my client walked away without
serving one day in jail. She pled to one felony count that can be expunged from her record in 5
years. (State v. KS) 2014 Los Angeles.

Felony Bribery Charges against city official.

Client was charged with 4 counts of felony bribery of an official. facing 3 years 8 months in
prison. I was able to sit down with the supervising prosecutors and worked out a disposition for 1 misdemeanor, no jail and a dismissal after 1 year. (State v. GR 2014) Los Angeles.

Felony Domestic Violence and Child endangerment charges Rejected.

Client was arrested at his house after he was alleged to have struck his wife and pushed away his child. The charges came in the midst of a custody dispute. We were able to show that the allegations were colored by the custody dispute and the District Attorney’s office rejected the case. (State v. AA) 2015 Los Angeles.

Drug Sales and Gun Charges dismissed. Client receives classes.

Client was arrested for possession of drugs for sale along with having a shotgun present.
The client was facing a state prison sentence. Once I got a chance to look at the reports, it was clear that the prosecution would have problems proving the charges. After negotiations, the DA agreed to dismiss the heavy charges and allow client to plead guilty to simple possession and receive classes and no jail time. (State v. JW) 2013 Bellflower.

Client arrested for Attempted Murder is released after jury finds him not guilty.

Description according to this party: Client was arrested for attempted murder. He was later charged with Assault with a deadly weapon causing Great Bodily Injury. Prosecutors were initially pushing for a prison sentence. After a week long trial, we were able to not only prove that our client was not guilty of the crimes but testimony showed that the “alleged” victims were actually the aggressors that hid facts from the police. The jury deliberated for less than an hour before ending our client’s nightmare. He was facing 6 years in prison. (State v. AA)

Jury find client not guilty of 3rd DUI. released with no jail.

Client was charged with his 3rd DUI. He was facing a minimum of 160 days in county jail. My client pled not guilty and after a jury trial, he was found not guilty of all charges. ( State v. RA)

Felony Theft charges tossed. Client released after not guilty verdict.

Client was Arrested for the alleged theft of copper wire from an ATT DSL line. Prosecution was offering a felony record and jail time to our client. At trial we were able to show that the police officers did not do a proper investigation and in fact our client was not guilty of any crime. The Jury acquitted him of all charges. (State v. JV)

Assault case dismissed at trial.

Client was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. We put the pressure on the DA from the outset. The alleged victim had an unsavory past so we investigated it and found info that changed the whole ball game. The DA was still not willing to dismiss case but only to reduce it. My client was tempted to take the reduced charge and walk away but I felt strongly about the case and advised him to push the case to trial. On the eve of trial, the DA folded as we had expected. They tossed out the entire case. (State v. RM)

Strike offense carrying prison time dismissed at trial.

Client was charged with being one of 3 men who were involved on an assault on a drunken belligerent man. My client was in custody and was being offered 3 years in state prison and a strike against his record as a plea bargain. We rejected the offer and went to trial along with 2 other co-defendants in the Norwalk courthouse. At trial, the prosecution presented their case and I cross-examined their recollection and veracity. I then made a motion to dismiss the case based on the fact that the prosecution had not proven its case and the judge agreed. Felony Charges dismissed and client released. (State v. RT)

New evidence caused case to be dismissed.

My client was charged with assaulting his wife. From the outset, there was something very suspicious about the facts of this case. My client insisted he was actually the victim in the situation. Unfortunately, the police officers had already decided to label him the aggressor and the wife as the victim. The bombshell evidence that changed everything was a 911 call recording that we were able to get our hands on. On the 911 tape, a neighbor who did not know the couple confirmed our client’s facts that he was being assaulted by his wife. The charges were thrown out by the judge and I was very happy for him. (State v. Mario B)

Felony Embezzlement reduced to house arrest.

My client was charged with 2 counts of felony embezzlement and grand theft of over $250,000. The former employer was seeking prison time and was not going to settle for any thing less. My client was facing nearly 4 years in prison. I worked the case for nearly a year when we finally were able to negotiate a deal where our client received house arrest and probation. In 3 years her record can be cleared. (State v. CH)

Client found not guilty of drug sales. released.

CLIENT WAS CHARGED WITH SALES OF DRUGS. Police recovered large amount of drugs along with scales and baggies. client was facing nearly 8 years in prison. he was found not guilty and given drug treatment classes. (State v. RH)

Facing 3 strikes and 20 years, client is released with no strikes.

Description according to this party: Client was arrested and charged with 3 felony offenses. Assault with a Deadly Weapon Causing GBI (2 counts). Robbery (1 count) and DUI. He was facing 3 strikes and nearly 20 years in custody. We did a full investigation into the facts and presented new facts to the DA. All 3 strikes were dismissed. Client pled to a non-strike and was released immediately and given probation. (State v. RE)

DUI Suspension dismissed. License saved.

DMV moved to Suspend my client’s license after his arrest for DUI and Hit and Run. We requested a DMV hearing and all discovery and at hearing we were able to save his license despite a blood alcohol content of .16. (State v. RZ)

Client facing a Strike and Prison, receives no jail and no strike.

Client was arrested for Felony Assault with a special allegation of Great Bodily Injury. He was facing a Strike, 9 years in Prison and Fines. We were able to negotiate a plea bargain for him where he suffered no strike, did not serve a day in jail and received probation. (State v. WF)

Client charged with Assault and a strike. Charges reduced and no jail.

Client was charged with Assault causing Great Bodily Injury, a Felony and a Strike. Conviction of the charge would have resulted in loss of his job and state prison. I was able to negotiate with the prosecutors and the Judge. We worked out a situation where client did not serve a day in jail and pled to a lesser charge which will be dismissed after probation and he did not suffer a strike. I was very happy for him. (State v. JD)

After Jury Trial, Client found not guilty. released.

Robert was being charged with Domestic Violence with the mother of his child. We had suspected that this had something to do with drama over robert’s new girlfriend. Her claims were suspicious. The prosecution in West Covina was asking for Robert to do 2 months in jail and 1 year of counseling. We didn’t concede to anything. We pushed the case to trial and the alleged victim’s story unraveled right before the jury’s eyes. All charges were dismissed. (State v. RD)

No jail time. community labor for client facing 16 months prison.

Description according to this party: Client was charged with Felony Burglary and Grand Theft. He was charged with two other men. Case started in Downey and eventually transferred to Norwalk. The other 2 defendants plead guilty and were given 6 months and 16 months. I was able to push Giovanni’s case to trial and work out a no jail sentence, community labor and a dismissal after probation is finished.

Felony Charges reduced to a misdemeanor. No jail time.

Client was charged with Commercial Burglary, Grand Theft and Embezzlement. She was facing a maximum of 3 years in custody. I was able to work out a deal with the prosecutors for all charges to be dropped and have her plead to a misdemeanor petty theft which will come off her record after a year. No Jail time, No community Service. 1 year of informal probation. Client was ecstatic. (State v. JR)

License saved after 3rd offense DUI.

Mario was arrested for DUI causing Injury, 3rd offense. He was facing significant jail time, fines and the revocation of his license. We went to work early and sent out our investigator to the scene to interview witnesses. We were able to convince the DA not to file charges and show that our mario was solely a passenger. The DMV put us through 3 separate hearings but we were able to come out victorious and save his license. I was very happy for mario as he was innocent and was able to save his job. (State v. MG)

Felony Embezzlement reduced to misdemeanor and 10 days community service.

HS was charged with 11 counts of felony embezzlement in Pasadena. She was facing over 5 years in state prison as well as huge fines. We had the case from day one and were able to negotiate early and often with the specially assigned prosecutor. I worked out a last minute deal where all three parties signed off, the DA, the alleged victim and us. HS had to do 10 days of community service and pay some of the money back and in one year, the case was dismissed. A felony would have devastated her future employment opportunities and we were happy to keep her from getting a felony record. (State v. HS)

2nd DUI license suspension overturned.

Client was arrested after his truck was involved in an accident on the 5 freeway. He was injured and taken to the hospital. The CHP arrested him for DUI (his second) and sought to have his license suspended for 2 years. We held a DMV hearing where our client testified and we challenged the police work on his case. The DMV tossed out the suspension and returned his license. (State v. RM)

Charges dismissed after hung jury.

Client charged with assaulting another man. DA’s offer was jail time from day one. At trial, the victim was cross-examined and his story to the police didn’t match his testimony to the jury. Client had confessed to the police. Jury was split and eventually could not agree. After a mistrial, the DA moved to dismiss all charges. (State v. RT)

Charges dismissed on eve of jury trial.

Client was arrested for assault. Alleged victim was having sex with client’s sister in a room of their house. Client was upset at how loud they were. Told alleged victim to keep it down. Alleged victim made more noise to upset client. Client proceeded to bust into the room and assault the naked man. DA was asking for jail time, counseling and probation for my client. The case never made it to the jury as the judge granted our motion to dismiss all charges. (State v. RS)

Felony Reduced. No jail time.

Client was investigated for Felony Domestic Violence. Injuries were severe and photographed. Client retained us prior to any charges being filed and we were able to talk to DA and detective prior to filing. Felony Charges were not filed, only 1 count of misdemeanor battery that can be taken off client’s record in 3 years. (State v. DY)

DUI License Suspension tossed out.

Client was arrested for DUI and facing a suspension of her driver license. At DMV, I was able to argue that the officers didn’t conduct the DUI investigation and arrest properly. I argued that my client was arrested without probable cause and the DMV agreed. My client’s DUI suspension was tossed out and her driving privilege saved. (State v. MG)

DUI client spared 1 year in jail for back to back arrests.

Client had been arrested for a DUI, accident and a high blood alcohol content. Only one month after pleading guilty to that DUI, client was arrested AGAIN for DUI and case was before the same judge. On both DUI’s within 2 months, client was spared county jail and had to do 1 weekend in city jail along with a community service and DUI Classes.

Felony Dismissed. Client released.

Client JP was charged with a felony possession of a gun by a felon. He was alleged to have 5 prior felony convictions. The DA’s offer leading up to trial was 32 months in prison, his maximum was 8 years in prison. We filed a motion to dismiss on the eve of trial and the judge granted our motion and dismissed the felony against our client. (State v. JP)

2 DUI’s, 2 Accidents in 2 months. No jail

Client was under 21 and arrested for a DUI after causing a collision. A month later, Client was again arrested for DUI after he caused another collision. He was facing 2 years in county jail. I was able to negotiate a plea where both DUI’s got dismissed and client received no jail time. (State v. JS)

License saved from 1 year DUI suspension

Client was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. His license was facing a one year suspension because client not only was under the suspicion of DUI but he also Refused a chemical DUI Test which carries a mandatory one year license. After a hearing with the DMV, we were able to convince the department that our client’s rights were violated and his license was returned to him. State v. FV

.23 DUI on 2nd offense reduced to 1st offense. No jail.

Client had suffered second DUI arrest in 3 years. A second DUI carried mandatory jail time. We were able to work out a disposition where client’s case was treated as a first offense only with no jail time and the minimum sentence. Client’s Blood Alcohol was also over was .23 (nearly 3 times the legal limit) (State v. TT)

Prison Sentence reduced to 20 days of community service.

Client was charged with Felony Commercial Burglary and Felony Receiving Stolen Property. He was originally being offered 2 years in state prison. We fought the case through all the way to norwalk and were able to work out a very good deal for the client who received only 20 days of community service. (State v. GM)

Domestic Violence case goes away.

Client arrested for Domestic Violence. Contacted our office right away and we were able to prevent any further damage from occurring. Prosecution agreed that there was not enough evidence to file a case. No charges filed. (State v. RW)

2 DUI arrests in 4 months. No Jail.

Client was arrested for DUI causing injury. After a crash, he tested over 4 times the legal limit for alcohol (.33). 4 months later he was arrested again for DUI with a blood alcohol content nearly 3 times legal limit (.22) He was facing substantial jail time and penalties. Anthony Arzili was able to consolidate both cases and keep client from serving a single day of jail or community service. (State v. MM)

DUI License suspension thrown out.

My client had just been convicted of a DUI and had already suffered 2 other points on his record. The California DMV moved to suspend his license for 6 months by designating him a Negligent Operator. Client retained my services and we immediately requested a hearing to hold off on the suspension. We were able to get a hearing in a week. At the DMV hearing, we were successful in convincing the DMV to not suspend our client’s license and allow him to drive and support his family (State v. DD)

Misdemeanor case dismissed upon payment of small fine.

Client was charged with driving on a suspended license. He was facing up to 6 months in jail and an ignition interlock device. We were able to work out a deal where client would pay a small fine and take a DNA test and would have case dismissed after 2 months. (State v. EL)

Charged with Robbery and gang allegation. Released from custody. No strikes.

My client was charged with Robbery and a special allegation that it was done to help a street gang. I knew my client was not a gang member but simply a victim of circumstance. The Prosecutors were offering her a prison sentence and her maximum in prison would have been 15 years. We negotiated endlessly and after cross examination of the main witness, we were able to show that our client was not involved. She was released from custody with no strikes on her record. (State v. JA)

DUI reduced to first offense, no jail time.

Client was arrested for DUI and had a prior DUI conviction within 10 years. On a second offense DUI he was facing jail time, cal-trans and enhanced fines and punishment. We were able to convince DA to dismiss prior DUI and get our client a first offense DUI with no jail time and minimum fines. (State v. YB)

Felony Domestic Violence. No jail time. reduced to a Misdemeanor.

Client was arrested for felony domestic violence with allegation that he choked his wife. From the outset we knew that the choking allegation was not true. We subpoenaed pictures of the alleged injuries and it clearly showed that my clients version of events was more accurate. He was happy with a result of no jail time and a misdemeanor that he can expunge off of his record in 3 years. (State v. RC)

Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence. No charges filed.

Client was arrested for Felony domestic violence. She did the right thing and hired us right away. We immediately did damage control by preventing further interrogation by detectives and provided the key information for the DA to reject filing any charges against her. (State v. AB)

No Jail time. 2nd offense DUI with accident

Client had suffered a DUI conviction with a a High Blood alcohol content nearly 4 years ago. He was recently arrested after he crashed his car into another vehicle (fortunately no one was hurt) and then proceeding to drive away from the scene. Police stopped him after his vehicle had become disabled. He was arrested for DUI, Hit and run and refusal of breath test. After a through investigation of the police work we were able to negotiate effectively with the prosecutors where they would not impose any jail time on my client and ask him to finish a alcohol education class and do community service. After 3 years, he could remove the charges from his record completely. (State v. SS)

No jail time. Classes and eventual dismissal.

Client was on Felony Probation for Drug Charges. He was arrested for felony domestic violence, vandalism, possession of drugs for sale. We were able to negotiate a a resolution where all the all charges would be dismissed except a misdemeanor simple possession of drugs. Client received drug classes and will eventually have all charges dismissed once he finishes the outpatient classes. (State v. FR)

Facing 6 years prison, client gets an alcohol program.

Client was charged with 4 counts of felony assault with a firearm, with a special allegation of personal use of a handgun. Client was also charged with 2 counts of felony false imprisonment with a gun. Overall, client was facing over 20 years in prison with a conviction. The DA’s offer was 6 years in prison. I didn’t give in and negotiated with the Judge who agreed to give my client no jail time, probation and an alcohol treatment program. (State v. CA)

Felony Drug Sales Charges dismissed.

Client had a Felony Warrant from 1991 for Sales of Drugs. We were to recall the warrant and push to case to hearing. At hearing, we moved for a dismissal and the judge granted our hearing. Case dismissed. (State v. EA)

Theft with Prior Theft (on probation) No Jail.

Client was arrested for Theft. He was on probation for a previous theft from 2007. The new theft charge could have been filed as a Felony result in a maximum of 3 years in prison. We were able to have the client plead to a misdemeanor theft charge for 5 days of community service and a fine. Client did not do a day in jail. (State v. LP)

Description a 7 probation violations, 2 new cases-No jail time-Treatment.

My client had a definite problem with alcohol as he had been arrested 8 separate times in the past 3 years. His charges were mainly involving DUI’s, Driving on a Suspended License and other Alcohol related charges. He was facing a long stretch in jail (4 years). With the strong support of his family, he was able to get himself into treatment. But the difficult part was convincing two separate Judges to allow my client to go into a treatment program when they were itching to put him away. With a lot of work, we were able to convince both Judges to sign off on a no jail sentence and have our client enter treatment. I am thankful for those judges who agreed to allow him an opportunity to help himself when it was so much easier for them to throw the book at him. (State v. GC)

DUI with Injuries dismissed. No Jail. No fines.

Client was alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs when he crashed his car into two other vehicles. He failed the sobriety tests. He was arrested for DUI causing injury. He was facing possible felony charges. We were able to have DA charge case as a Misdemeanor DUI and not as Felony DUI. Once case was filed, we continued our negotiations with the DA. The DA agreed to dismiss DUI charges all together and give our client a wet-reckless. His sentence was simply to pay a fine. No classes and no community Service, No Jail. (State v. TL)

Felony Grand Theft Auto Charges DROPPED.

This client was on probation when he was arrested for felony grand theft. He was a victim of bad circumstance and I knew that some quick intervention on our part may prevent charges from being filed altogether. We were able to get information to the right people who after reviewing the case in full, decided that no charges should be filed. (State v. AM)

Petty Theft arrest while on probation for petty theft. 3 days Community service. No jail.

Our client was arrested for theft last year. She was arrested again for theft while on probation. We were able to work the case thoroughly and negotiate with DA’s that we know and trust. Finally, the case resolved with my client receiving only 3 days of community service for a case that could have been filed as a felony. The Judge even commented to my client during the hearing that she should thank her lawyer for her terrific deal.

Driver’s License saved from 1 year DUI suspension.

My client was facing a 1 year suspension of his driver’s license. He was pulled over for speeding (85 in a 55mph) and failed to do the sobriety tests. He was subsequently arrested and taken to the station where the police officers allege that he refused the blood and the breath tests. The DMV sought to suspend his license for one year (with no restriction privileges) as is mandated for a refusal. We requested a DMV hearing for his case. I prepared for the hearing with my client. At the hearing, I was successful in arguing against the suspension because of the lack of probable cause. My client’s license was saved and he was ecstatic.

Petty Theft Charges Not Filed.

Client was arrested for petty theft. She was given a court date for the Downey Courthouse and facing a maximum of 6 months in jail and probation/fines. We were able to resolve her case without any charges being filed, no community service, No probation, no fines.

3rd Offense DUI with .29 BAC, No County Jail.

Client was arrested for his 3rd DUI in 5 years. He had suffered his last DUI just one year earlier. His Blood Alcohol Level was nearly 4 times the legal limit. Mandatory Minimum on a 3rd offense DUI with a .08 is 120 days in the County Jail. He also had a Suspended License with a prior which had a mandatory Minimum of 30 days in county Jail and fines. Instead of the Minimum 150 days in County, we were able to work out a deal for my client where he would do weekends at a local city jail for 30 days. We also were able to slash his fines in half, saving him approximately 2500 in fines.

Theft Charges against Law Student dismissed

GP, a law student, who was taking the BAR exam this summer was arrested and charged with theft in Los Angeles Superior Court. A conviction would prevent GP from becoming an attorney. After 3 months of negotiations, we were able to work out a dismissal. No Jail. No probation. Case Dismissed. (State vs. GP)

Misdemeanor charges Reduced to Infraction

USC student charged with theft faced expulsion, a criminal record and possible jail. TK was
charged in Los Angeles Superior Court with Petty Theft. Through negotiations with the prosecutors, misdemeanor charges were dismissed and client received an infraction (essentially a traffic ticket). (State v. TK)

DUI Charges Reduced to reckless driving

HS was charged with DUI after he failed field sobriety tests and a chemical test at the station. We were able to show the prosecution the weaknesses in their case, despite a high BAC reading. DA dismissed the more serious DUI charges and allowed client to plead to reckless driving and do a short 2 day class. Client did not have to install an IID device in his car. (State v. HS)

DUI Charges reduced to reckless driving.

RL pulled over and arrested for DUI. Facing a license suspension and possible jail time. A
thorough investigation of the facts showed some weaknesses on the DA’s case and they agreed to dismiss the DUI and replace it with reckless driving. Client’s license was saved and only had to do a 2 day class. (State v. RL)

Beverly Center Theft charges dismissed

College Student was arrested and charged in Los Angeles Superior Court With theft charges involving a large amount of clothes from a Los Angeles Mall. We were able to work out a resolution with the City Prosecutor’s office where our client would do some community service in exchange for a full dismissal of the charges. (State v. TB)

Embezzlement $400,000, client only receives 8 months.

Client was arrested by the Major Fraud Unit of the DA’s office for Stealing nearly $400,000. The charges carried over 9 years in prison. Through diligent defense work, the DA agreed to only give our client 8 months in custody. (State v. IR)

Misdemeanor drug possession dismissed. Warrant recalled.

Client was arrested for possession of a marijuana. Client was also alleged to have a bench
warrant for her arrest. We were able to have the marijuana charge dismissed without any classes or program and have the warrant recalled. (State v. DO)

West Covina DUI Charges reduced to reckless driving.

Client was pulled over for swerving. Alleged to have failed sobriety tests and then arrested.
After 3 pretrials, we were able to have the DA dismiss the DUI charges and allow client to plead to reckless driving. Client was able to save his license. (State v. DM)

Resisting Arrest Charges Dismissed at Metro Court

Client was charged with resisting arrest. He was adamant that the officers were actually the
aggressors in the situation. The DA would not budge from their jail time offer. They also wanted a conviction. I was able to subpoena the video of the actual traffic stop and it clearly showed the officers to be very imaginative in their police report. None of the allegations they had listed could be seen or heard on the video. It took 5 months and lots of work but the DA finally buckled and dismissed the charges. (state v. SK)

West Covina theft charges not filed.

A local chain story called the police on client who took a bottle of medication. After speaking with the DA hearing officer, no charges were filed. (State v. CF)

Theft charges reduced to trespassing

Client was facing a conviction. Jail time and losing his job due to a theft conviction. Through
negotiations with the court, we were able to have the theft charges dismissed and have our client plead to a simple trespassing. No jail and he kept his job. (State v. FO)

Whittier DUI charges Dismissed.

Client was arrested and charged with DUI. He missed his court appearance and had a warrant for his arrest. We were able to recall the warrant. Then our focus was on the DUI which had some evidentiary issues. After 2 months of negotiations, the DA agreed to give us a reckless driving and dismiss the DUI. This saved my client’s license and job, since he was a truck driver. (State v. DV)

Felony Sexual Molestation Charges Dismissed in Downey Court.

RG was charged with attempted molestation of a 14 year old. He was facing 9 years in prison and then Lifetime Registration as a Sex Offender. When I was retained, we took a fresh look at the facts and did a follow up investigation that revealed a sloppy investigation. The DA reviewed the case and agreed to dismiss the felony charges and allow our client to plead to a misdemeanor and not have to go to state prison. Client served 2 months in a local city jail. (State v. RG)

Felony theft Ring Charges Thrown out in Whittier.

Client was one of 8 persons who were under investigation in a theft ring. Every one of them
except my client were arrested and convicted. The prosecutors were seeking a felony conviction and jail time. I filed a motion to dismiss the charges because of the undue delay between the investigation and the charges being filed. 6 months after the case started, it all ended with a full dismissal. (State v. SL) December 14, 2011

Felony Abuse Charges Rejected in Bellflower

Client was arrested and booked for Felony Abuse. I was hired immediately and we went to work. We worked with the Detective and the DA’s office to shed light on the true facts. After a month, the court date was withdrawn and the DA announced that they would not file any charges against our client. (State v. JA) 7/2011

Fake ID charges Tossed

Client was arrested for possession of a fake ID card when attempting to enter a club downtown. We were able to work out no charges and just a class that she needed to take. State v. RM 8/2011

No Charges for Domestic Violence Client

Client was arrested for felony domestic violence and bailed out at $50,000. Through proactive work with the detective and DA’s office, we were able to convince the DA’s
office not to file charges against our client. (State v. MP) 12/2011

DUI Charges reduced to Speed Exhibition

State v. MP Client was pulled over and later arrested for a DUI on the 110 freeway in downtown Los Angeles. After acquiring the police reports, I was able to find some serious errors in how the CHP did their stop and eventual investigation and arrest. The prosecution at metro court agreed and dismissed DUI charges against my client and had him plead to a speed exhibition citation. 1/2012

Forgery and Commercial Burglary Charges dismissed.

State v. LM Client was a college student who was caught up in a bad situation without knowing all the facts. The police and the DA’s office didn’t do any homework and instead arrested him and filed charges that carried a year in county jail. Client had a previous attorney. Although I normally dislike taking over for another attorney after the case has already been to court. In this situation, I felt that my client was truly “not guilty” of the crimes. We pushed the case to a jury trial and when push came to shove, the DA agreed to dismiss the charges in exchange for 5 days of community service.

2nd Striker facing 8 years. Charges dismissed.

(State v. ES) 1/24/12 Client with a prior felony strike was facing a new drug charge that exposed him to possibility of 8 years in prison. After a full investigation of the facts and client’s record. Charges were dismissed.

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