Bail & Release from Jail

I was just arrested and I want to bail out, what do I do?
Stop. Consult an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Making the wrong decisions about bail can cost you thousands of dollars.

An experienced criminal attorney can request that the court release you without bail, saving you thousands in fees. An “Own Recognizance” release is basically a promise to appear in court without any bail amount.

Attorney Anthony Arzili has been able to secure many “O.R.” releases and has saved clients thousands. Attorney Anthony Arzili can also refer you to a bailbondsman that is trustworthy and will charge you thousands less.

What is an “O.R.” release and how does it work?
An “O.R.” release, also known as “Release on Your Own Recognizance” is the process where the Judge agrees to release you from custody with your verbal/written promise to appear. The court does not demand any money or bail.

An “O.R.” motion is made by your attorney. Some important factors that your attorney will point out are:

  1. Your ties to the community, i.e. own a house, how long you lived there, how long at your job.
  2. Criminal record. Have you missed any appearances in court before? Do you have any failures to appear?
  3. Charge in present case. How serious is the crime? Does your release pose a risk to the community/victims?
How can you save me money if I decide to bail out?
The Law Offices of Anthony Arzili has special relationships with the most reputable and trustworthy bail companies in Long Beach. Based on these relationships, these bail bonds companies provide clients of Attorney Anthony Arzili lower rates that can save you thousands. Along with better rates, our clients also receive top notch service.
I was told that I am under investigation and charges will follow, can I be arrested at anytime?
Yes. If a crime has taken place and the police agency is still doing its investigation, your freedom will be at their discretion. Once their investigation is completed and they hand the case over to the prosecutors for a filing, a warrant for your arrest will go out. The police officers may arrest you at your home or work with that warrant.