Defense Investigators and Experts


Unlike other attorneys, Attorney Anthony Arzili doesn’t solely rely on the police’s version of the facts of your case.

Each case requires a different type of investigative approach. Some cases require a hard-nosed approach that only a retired police detective can provide. Other cases require a softer touch. Anthony Arzili has investigators for each type of case who have worked with him case after case. A criminal defense attorney who works well with his investigators can truly be a huge benefit to the client.

A tough and experienced investigator can:

  • Re-interview prosecution witnesses for discrepancies and lies.
  • Find and interview defense witnesses that will help your case.
  • Take pictures, evidence, graphs to help assist the defense of your case.

Attorney Anthony Arzili is proud to have a crew of seasoned investigators that he’s worked closely with over the last 17 years.


Expert Defense Consultants are a key part of any successful defense. Criminal defense attorney Anthony Arzili uses the best experts in Long Beach to secure the best results for his clients.

Defense Experts are important because they are able to do the following:

  • Test, re-test and examine physical evidence.
  • Consult with the attorney about strategy
  • Evaluate psychological elements that may be helpful.

Criminal defense Attorney Anthony Arzili has utilized the following types of Expert Witnesses to provide his clients with the best defense:

  • Eyewitness Identification Experts (to show how a witness may be mistaken)
  • DNA experts (to attack the prosecution’s DNA Evidence)
  • Ballistics Experts (to testify as to guns)
  • Gun Shot Residue Experts
  • Gang Experts (to consult and testify as to gang intelligence or customs)
  • Alcohol Experts
  • Drug Sales Experts
  • Drug Use Experts.
  • Accident Reconstruction Experts (in Vehicular Manslaughter cases)
  • Police Practices Expert.
  • Handwriting Experts.
  • Fingerprint experts.

In fact, in a recent attempted murder trial, Anthony Arzili was able to call, as a defense witness, the LAPD’s own fingerprint expert to show that the fingerprints on the gun in question belonged to someone other than his client. The Jury deadlocked on the most serious charge of Attempted Murder, which was later dismissed. (State v. LV, 12/2014)